Revitalize Your Vehicle With Our Premium Exterior, Interior Detailing, and Expert Trim Restoration in Montrose, CO
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At Premium Auto Solutions, we specialize in ceramic coating, paint correction, interior and exterior detailing, as well as comprehensive full detailing packages. Our priority is your satisfaction, so we customize our packages to suit your specific needs. Our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is what sets us apart as Montrose, CO’s premier auto detailer.

For our ceramic coating service, we focus on meticulous application and protection, ensuring a durable shield for your vehicle’s exterior. Our process guarantees a sleek and glossy finish that safeguards your car from environmental elements, promising lasting brilliance and enhanced resilience.

Our full detailing service is a head-turner. We carefully wash and protect every inch, removing contaminants and restoring its original shine. Our meticulous approach ensures your car looks stunning from every angle, turning heads wherever you go.

One of our most popular package is our paint correction service. It’s the perfect treatment to restore your car’s showroom shine. We combine the best of our advanced paint correction techniques to remove imperfections like scratches and swirls, revealing a flawless finish. We are proud to be one of the paint correction companies in Montrose.

Explore our available packages below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via live chat. Also, check out our ceramic coating and paint correction services here.

Top 3 Advantages Of Auto Detailing

Auto detailing offers three significant advantages: it enhances your vehicle’s overall appearance and value while creating a more enjoyable driving experience.

Enhanced Appearance

Experience a remarkable transformation with our auto detailing services as we meticulously clean, polish, and restore your vehicle to reveal a stunning, showroom-worthy appearance that will turn heads wherever you go.

Increased Value

With our auto detailing services, we will unlock your vehicle’s hidden potential by improving its condition and restoring its original beauty, thereby raising its resale value and attracting potential purchasers in the future.

More Enjoyable Driving Experience

Indulge in a heightened driving experience with our auto detailing services as we create a pristine and comfortable interior, free from dirt and odors, allowing you to enjoy every moment on the road fully.




How often should I get my car professionally detailed?
The frequency of professional detailing depends on usage, climate, and personal preference. Still, a general recommendation is every 4-6 months to maintain optimal cleanliness and protection.
Exterior detailing focuses on cleaning and repairing the car’s outer surfaces, such as the paintwork, wheels, and windows. In contrast, interior detailing is concerned with thorough cleaning and rejuvenating the inside components, such as the seats, carpets, and dashboard.
Yes, when conducted by trained professionals utilizing suitable techniques, high-quality products, and appropriate tools to reduce the danger of damage and assure a pristine result, professional auto detailing is safe for your vehicle’s paintwork.


Visit Premium Auto Solutions in Montrose, CO, and get the best service possible for your vehicle. To schedule your appointment, please stop by our location at 204 W South 1st St B, Montrose, CO 81401, or call us at (970) 840-0248. Allow our trained professionals to rejuvenate your vehicle inside and out!

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