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Preserve and Protect: Discover the Power of Our Premium Ceramic Coating Service for Your Vehicle


Welcome to our Ceramic Coatings service page in Montrose! At Premium Auto Solutions, we are delighted to offer you the ultimate protection and shine for your beloved vehicle. Our ceramic coatings provide an unparalleled shield against the elements, guarding your car’s paint from UV rays, bird droppings, and environmental contaminants. With our expertise and meticulous application process, your car’s exterior will boast a mirror-like finish that lasts for up to 5 years.

We offer coatings that range from 1-5 years of protection. Our advanced ceramic coatings create a strong, hydrophobic barrier that repels water and prevents dirt from adhering to the surface. The result is a car that stays cleaner for longer and requires minimal maintenance. With its durable protection, your vehicle’s exterior will maintain its brilliance and showroom-like shine, making heads turn wherever you go. Ceramic coating is not just for high-end vehicles. All vehicles benefit from ceramic coating. Once your car is ceramic coated, cleaning it becomes much easier.

ceramic coating in montrose

What Ceramic Coating Brands Are We Using?

Premium Auto Solutions uses top-tier ceramic coating brands such as System X and IGL for our coating services. These well-known brands provide excellent quality, durability, and protection, guaranteeing that your vehicle receives the best care and long-lasting results.

What Does a Ceramic Coating Do?

Our extremely slick ceramic coating enhances gloss, repels water and contaminants, and simplifies maintenance for a stunning, long-lasting finish.



Interior Coating

Starting at $250

Trim Coating

Starting at $150

Glass Coating

Starting at $200

Wheel Coating

Starting at $200



Does a ceramic coating mean you never have to wash your car?
While a ceramic coating provides a protective barrier against dirt and impurities, it is still required to wash the coating regularly to maintain its effectiveness, preserve its hydrophobic properties, and provide a clean and shiny appearance.
The longevity of a ceramic coating is determined by elements such as maintenance, ambient conditions, and product quality; nevertheless, with good care and maintenance, it can last up to 2-5 years, offering long-lasting protection and gloss enhancement for your vehicle.
The number of layers of ceramic coating required for a vehicle is determined by criteria such as paint condition and desired level of protection. Typically, 1-2 layers are sufficient. However, some people prefer more layers for increased durability and lifetime.


Experience excellence at Premium Auto Solutions in Montrose, CO. Schedule your ceramic coating appointment today by visiting our location at 204 W South 1st St B, Montrose, CO 81401, or calling (970) 840-0248. Allow our skilled professionals to revitalize your vehicle with our exceptional ceramic coating services, ensuring long-lasting protection and a showroom-worthy appearance.

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