Can I pressure wash my car after ceramic coating?

Your car will be better protected from salt and other harmful elements with a ceramic coating, which is often transparent. Would giving your vehicle a pressure wash after such careful detailing is appropriate?

In this article, the expert team at Premium Auto Solution will provide further information about ceramic-coated car washes and how to wash your vehicle after applying the protective coating.

Is it possible to use pressure washing on ceramic coating?

Yes, you can use pressure washing to clean your car with a ceramic coating. The additional layer of protection is enough to withstand the pressure washer. Utilizing a pressure washer is an effective method for removing any impurities and debris that may be present on the surface of the car.

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On the other hand, only some vehicles wash are the same. Although you can use a pressure washer to clean your ceramic-coated vehicle, you cannot use an automated car wash. Abrasive brushes used in automatic car washes have the potential to damage both the paint and the ceramic finish of your vehicle.

Tips for washing the ceramic-coated car

Remember that certain products may damage your car’s paint, regardless of whether it has a ceramic coating. Using the incorrect products might cause swirl marks and scratches on the vehicle. 

A specific microfiber is advised because of its reduced scratch and mar resistance. Unfortunately, using these goods when unclean might render them useless. Washing your machine incorrectly might cause swirl marks, even if you use the correct products.

Follow these steps for the most effective washing results.

Make use of the two-bucket washing method.

By pre-washing your car, you may remove any filth, grime, and bird droppings from its surface. The success of your subsequent procedures depends on how well you pre-wash your materials.

Pick the best pre-cleaner for your vehicle. Be sure the cleaning solution doesn’t run by spraying it from bottom to top over every corner of your car. Before you wash your automobile with water, wait a few minutes.

The car may, after that, be washed using shampoo. Use a microfiber mitt or sponge to clean your vehicle. Remember to employ the two-bucket technique: one for washing the automobile and the other for rinsing. Using the two-bucket method, you may wash the car with shampoo in one bucket and rinse it with clean water in the other.

Touchless car wash

Washing your automobile using a pressure washer is one example of a touchless car wash. You may safely use a high-pressure washer on ceramic coatings.

Please ensure the touchless vehicle wash you’re considering uses pH-neutral auto shampoo before applying it. Your vehicle shampoo’s acidity or alkalinity is determined by its pH.

Keep away from car shampoos that contain too much acid. With ph-neutral shampoo, you get the most effective cleaning results. Carefully hand wash your vehicle using a pH-neutral shampoo to protect the paint.

Rinseless car wash

Utilizing a car wash that does not need rinsing on your recently ceramic-coated vehicle is also possible. After completing the pressure washing process for your car, the surface should be dried with a microfiber towel. Use a second microfiber towel to guarantee the automobile is entirely dry.

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The best ceramic coating in Montrose, CO

At Premium Auto Solutions in Montrose, Colorado, we provide customized ceramic coating solutions to meet your every requirement. Vehicles may gain value with the correct ceramic coating. Because it adds a barrier, your car will be better able to resist everyday dirt and other road hazards.

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